KP falls to Wagner and the end is nigh

Finn reached his 50 with a thick-edged 4 and it is he who is holding this innings together! Trott, playing back to Wagner (him again) got a leading edge and was caught by the bowler one-handed, leaping high to his left.

Enter KP on a King Pair. Clips his first ball through square leg for 2. Bumble, who has popped in from the Sky commentary box, has spotted that he’s only jogging between the wickets and not charging up and down as usual. Something wrong with his right knee, apparently. That being the case, the commentators asking wondering why he’s out there batting at all. Well, I think he feels under pressure from Compton-Root-Bairstow. He’s aware that his form is inconsistent and he’s probably hoping to fill his boots on this flat track. The concomitant risk is that if he fails here then he’s really in the shit.

And pat – there he goes! Wagner’s got him again. Playing a yard away from his body, he gets an inside edge through to the keeper. Enter Bell.

Meanwhile, Finn is still there, on 53.

5mins before tea and Finn has just earned a round of applause for a single, his first run for 1hr 16mins! Now on 54.

Bell has scored all of 10 runs from 26 balls and looks neither comfortable nor convincing.

That’s tea. England are 89 runs on and, with Root and Prior still in the hutch, this is surely all over bar the shouting.

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