Clarke in shooting incident

Michael Clarke, whose on-field captaincy has quickly become the object of considerable admiration, appears to have shot himself in the foot at silly point. Or was his boss, coach Micky Arthur, shooting from the hip? If that’s the case, Arthur was doing Clarke no favours: 24hrs after the storm broke, the opprobrium seems to be drifting towards the captain. Either way, the decision to axe four players before the 3rd Test against India on 14 March has been ridiculed by pundits and ex-players alike. The only exception appears to be Jeh with a thoughtful we-don’t-have-all-the-facts approach.

But if you’ve come here looking for that sort of carefully weighed analysis, well – sorry, you got on the wrong bus. The one context in which I am still unreservedly partisan about anything English is that of an Ashes Test series. I see the auld enemy in complete turmoil shortly before back-to-back Ashes series and frankly I’m delighted! They were already dazed after the drubbings handed out by India in the first two Tests, and now this! Great stuff!

Personally I’d have called the same eleven blokes together, given them a good bollocking and told them to go out and put it right, much as I imagine Cook and Flower will be doing before the 2nd Test against NZ.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe are 26-1 against their Windies hosts in Bridgetown. I’ll go and check that one out…

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