The Ashes – on stream at last!

1st Test – Nottingham – Day 1, session 1

Overcast, sultry.

Extravagant movement for the first few overs. Less so now after 11 overs.

No visible nerves from young Root, opening in a Test for the first time.

No wafting outside off by Cook, except and until the one from Pattinson that got ‘im out…

…which was also the fastest ball yet at 89mph.

Trott off the mark with a lovely, lovely off drive. for 4.

And he takes 8 off Siddle’s first over.


13 overs bowled.


I’m watching here. This is a welcome innovation from the ECB, who have belatedly woken up to the fact that there are large numbers of us living outside the UK and nevertheless wanting to watch  England play Test cricket. Excellent quality – both sound and pictures – on the ECB YouTube site. I see there are 786 of us watching now, down from nearly 1000 just before lunch. Not many? I assume that word has not yet got around. Let’s hope we get a cast of thousands before the end of the match, or the ECB might deem their “experiment” a failure and bin the idea till their next 20-year review.

98-2 at lunch

Root was the second batsman to fall. He was going along nicely, getting  most of his runs in boundaries off the loose balls, and reached 30 at a trike rate of 47. Then Siddle switched to the Radcliffe Road end (he’d gone for 7 an over from the other end) and promptly produced a cracking yorker. It started on middle and crashed into off.

No other scares. Trott is on 37 (at a SR of 79, people!) and KP on 10.

CricInfo summary:

That will be lunch. Honours reasonably even in that first session, although with some cloud overhead and swing available, the Australians would have hoped for at least one more wicket. Their main concern is that Trott looks in ominous touch. Ashton Agar has had his first taste of Test bowling, he looked okay but not especially threatening. Siddle had one superb over but otherwise struggled for consistency. In fact, all the quicks lacked consistency. England have lost Cook and Root but they have 98 runs on the board and would be happy enough with their start.

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