No Spring in America

Thanks to Neven for drawing my attention to this fine piece from the New York Review of Books, with its sad conclusion:

There are few things that never change in this world of ours, but one of them happens to be the near certainty that those who raise their voices against injustice get betrayed in the end.

There’s plenty here that’s worth reading and thinking about. What I like particularly is the authorial modesty. He knows we can’t keep up with everything and there are countries we couldn’t place on the map. He just looks at the people and is amazed by their bravery. And he admits that this time he really thought they might win through. But they didn’t. Ruling elites always close ranks.

Worse than the violence is the hypocrisy, which makes a mockery of ordinary people’s principled bravery:

There was plenty more violence everywhere during the months of the so-called Arab Spring, but what particularly caught my eye was the brutality the policeman and soldiers reserved for women and students in the crowd. It would be replayed a few months later in the scenes of cops beating and spraying with mace young women during the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in our cities.

The wonder is that voices like this can still be heard in the US. But is anyone listening?

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