MySoapBoxCorner has been active now for six months. Time to take stock.

Time too for another look at this “About” page. Back in March (2013) I hadn’t realised that it’s meant to be about the blog – not me!  If you want to read about who I am and where I’m coming from, you can do so here.

As to what this blog is about, the short header text sums it up very succinctly. The first article I posted says more: The importance of being offensive. Now, six months later, I have a clearer idea of the sort of things I feel the need to write about.

Climate change is the mainstay. How could it possibly be otherwise? Global warming and the ensuing climate changes (plural because locally different and variable) represent the greatest challenge we humans have faced since we emerged from the ice as the planet’s dominant species. The survival of civilisation as we know it depends on the decisions we take over the next five to ten years.

Another permanent plot line is England – that nasty boil on the arse end of Europe. Not the UK – that’s a fiction – but England, the place I love to hate. A stifling, smug, feudal, caste-ridden police state, England is one big lie.

Then there are themes that emerge from current events. Chief among these is the still-unfolding story of illicit surveillance by the NSA/GCHQ, as revealed by Edward Snowden. There’s Syria too, where I try to keep in mind the overall perspective which is constantly obscured by hypocritical outbursts from the so-called major players. And as leitmotif, Israel überall, the amoral, Machiavellic fly in everyone’s ointment.

Finally, there’s the amateur philosophy… of course! I keep this to a minimum, being very much aware of the limits to my own intellectual firepower (see here for example).

I shall be doing some restructuring over the next couple of weeks or so, the aim being to make it easier for you to find your way around. Road works if you like. So please bear with me.

Don’t hesitate to leave comments. This is a two-way process. You can be as blunt as you like. Only, please, try to be constructive. I don’t do point scoring. I just try to say what I think.


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