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Aunty BBC or the wicked stepmother? Mind where you step!

This is the BBC’s fault, as is made perfectly clear in this excellent article by Dana Nuccitelli for The Guardian, which hits all the right nails bang on the head. …the BBC has habitually undervalued expert input from scientists and academics. In an … Continue reading

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It’s us what done it.

Since time immemorial, grumpy old men have been complaining that things ain’t what they used to be: “Kids today are dreadful and their parents are even worse.” It’s a caricature, isn’t it? Perfectly true, mind you. But still a caricature … Continue reading

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I feel a rant coming on

Religion really pisses me off and so do all those people who insist on being polite about it. Religion is a scam, the scam, the original scam, the first and longest lasting of all the tricks mankind has invented for … Continue reading

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Police State UK

Most people have a mistaken idea of what a police state is and how to recognise it. They think it’s about policemen stomping around in jackboots, beating people up at will and running their own protection rackets. But it’s much … Continue reading

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Dawkins on God

Emerging from “The Science Delusion” I obviously had “The God Delusion” in mind, and I couldn’t resist reminding you of this splendid passage at the beginning of chapter 2: The God of the old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant … Continue reading

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Miliband “like a satnav stuck on a roundabout”

I’ve just looked up this clip of an interview with Ed Miliband. It went viral at the time (two years ago already) and he must shudder every time he thinks of it, knowing it’s still out there in the Web, … Continue reading

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Two editorials from the Graun

The Times no longer thunders, it squeaks. And thundering never was the Guardian’s way. It speaks softly, with controlled passion, from the moral high ground of the Left. Here are two fine examples: one on the detention of Mr Miranda, … Continue reading

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Vile spots and substances

I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but I detest Theresa May even more than I did yesterday. Her every utterance makes my mouth twist into a sneer which feels foreign to my face and can’t be very pretty at all, … Continue reading

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Snowden keeps ’em guessing

Hey, Ed Snowden has left Hong Kong for Moscow and might be heading for Cuba. I like it! Well done, that man. Keep the bastards guessing! I’m intrigued. To what extent, I wonder, did he plan all this?Judging by his … Continue reading

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Sun spots

I was going to write a post about The Sun. In the course of following up on the story of Edward Snowden and the NSA leaks, I felt obliged to see how it was handled by The Sun. That was … Continue reading

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